BWC Coffeehouse/Songwriter’s Listening Room 2018-2019

September 21, 2018

Featured Artists: Mary Hood, Sal Casabianca, Chihoe Hahn, Dan Zlotnick, Al Hemberger

October 19, 2018

Featured Artists: Glen Roethel, Judy Kass, Kati Mac, Al Hemberger

November 16, 2018

Featured Artists: The Renovators-Westchester Chapter. Kerry Hopwood, Al Hemberger, Nicole Alifante, Patrick Stanfield Jones, Tim Faselt, Jonathan Ellinghaus, Lily Ellinghaus

January 18, 2019

Featured Artists: Kelly Flint, Jeff Eyrich, Dave Cantor

February 15, 2019

Featured Artists: Aleah Hyers, Sean Harkness, Walker May

March 15. 2019

Featured Artists: Patrick Standfield Jones, Miles East, Al Hemberger, Kerry Faselit Hopwood. Special Guests: Bill Barton, Organized Chaos featuring Norah Foley, Vance Wood, Anabel Foley

April 19, 2019

Featured Artists: Artie Tobia, Chris Brown

May 17, 2019

Featured Artists: Bruce T Carroll, Open Book

June 21, 2019

Featured Artists: Allison Leah, Theo Liao


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