Bronxville Women’s Club 

The Bronxville Women’s Club was founded when Anna Lawrence Bisland, its first president, organized representatives of various local organizations to meet and, in 1925 with 176 women enrolled, The Bronxville Women’s Club, Inc., was born.  At first, the Club rented property in Lawrence Park West for its Clubhouse but soon ran out of space.  Mrs. Bisland donated the present site at the corner of Midland and Tanglewylde Avenues, and, with a thousand members contributing fifty dollars each and a mortgage, the building of a new Clubhouse began.

Pictured below is Anna Lawrence Bisland, founder and first President of the Bronxville Women’s Club


The Club House – was named for its founder 

The Anna Lawrence Bisland 1928 House

is pictured below


The club still operates out of this Clubhouse, a landmark of the opulence and optimism of a specific time and place in American history.  The architectural and historical significance of the building was recognized when the Clubhouse was placed on the Westchester County Inventory of Historic Places in 1999 and on the National List of Historic Places in 2007. The building itself has been newly named the Anna Lawrence Bisland 1928 House.

Pictured below is the Founders Room at the Anna Lawrence Bisland 1928 House, home of the Bronxville Women’s Club. The Founders Room EM2

The club continues today as an exciting place to be. Its membership is open to all women and men who are interested in a diverse selection of educational, cultural, civic, health and art programs. Programs such as Literature, including such topics as book discussions, poetry readings, creative writing. Music programs of all types, the ever popular classical Midland Music Professional Concert series and the singer, songwriter BWC Live Music Coffeehouse, as well as, children’s recitals and other programs. The Philantropy programs which rasie funds which are distributed to local charities and non-profit organizations in the area as a service to the community. Theater, Social entertainment, lectures, speakers, art sessions for children and adults, music and dance, and etc. all were envisioned by its founders: a community center so special that being a member is a priveledge and an honor.   A premier center and source of enrichment.

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